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Preparing to take your CNA certification exam involves a significant amount of time, study, dedication, and practice exams. One of the best parts of taking practice tests is the Challenge Bank. Questions you get wrong will automatically be stored here so you can review them later and know where to focus your study time in the future. You can come here to review any of your incorrect answers after each test, then look over your incorrect answers from taking all 23 of our CNA practice tests before you gear up for our CNA Test Simulator – our hardest practice exam, which simulates the real test. Your incorrect answers from the test simulator will be stored here as well so that you can take a fresh look at them before you re-take the test simulator. Think of the Challenge Bank as a personal remediation room, where you can learn from your mistakes and review tricky questions. It’s just another great tool in your academic toolbox to help you pass your CNA exam. Good luck!
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